Keystone Foodservice


Fresh and family-owned, Keystone Foodservice has been Oklahoma’s premier food management company since 1993.

Our philosophy is simple: we provide food our customers love at a price they can afford. We do this by buying fresh foods in bulk and refusing to cut corners in our preparation.

We bake our own chicken, and our French fries are hand-cut and oven-roasted, ensuring maximum taste and freshness. Everything is hand-seasoned, so we can control sodium and taste. We don’t thaw and reheat. We cook, and our customers love the Keystone difference.

Variety is also a Keystone hallmark. We work with our clients to provide an ever-changing menu, making every meal memorable. 

In private and public school cafeterias across Oklahoma, Keystone is revolutionizing the food service industry one school at a time.

Ready to experience the Keystone difference? Call us today. Your taste buds will thank you.

"Since the first day that Keystone Foodservice took over, the quality of food has been tremendous, which has increased dramatically the number of students and staff that eat everyday. The students, staff, and community have named the change we made to Keystone Foodservice the best change at Coyle Public Schools in years." --Josh Sumrall, Superintendent at Coyle Public Schools