Kids With Kourage: Miley Burger

Miley Burger of Cement Elementary School is the recipient of the ‘Kids with Kourage’ award for the month of March. Launched by Stillwater-based Keystone Foodservice, a Kids with Kourage honoree is an Oklahoma preK-12th grade student who displays courage, bravery and kindness to those around them.

“Miley is so kind and polite,” said Sami Gardner, a Keystone employee at Cement Elementary School. “Every morning she holds the door open for everyone at breakfast.” 

When the fourth-grader learned she was this month’s winner, she talked with Gardner about what being courageous means to her. 

Burger gave her Uncle Calvin as an example, saying he is the most courageous, brave and fearless person she knows. She also said the Incredible Hulk is the most courageous, fictional super hero for her because he is strong and brave. 

Burger also told Gardner she thinks her classmates can be real-life, courageous superheroes every day by being brave and helping others. 

“Despite the struggles our schools are facing, our team sees kindness, bravery and extraordinary leadership from students and school staff each and every day,” said Josh Sanders, president and CEO of Keystone Foodservice. “If you know a kid like Miley Burger, you can only be hopeful for our future. We are pleased to honor her with our Kids with Kourage Award, and we are proud to serve all the students and staff at Cement.”

Burger’s favorite meal at Cement Elementary School is a fresh Keystone hamburger.