Kids With Kourage: Braiden Million

October KWK.JPG

Braiden Million was recently recognized by Okemah High School as a Keystone Kid with Kourage. A Keystone Kid with Kourage displays courage, bravery, kindness, and inspiration to those around them.

Braiden was chosen based on his unconventional helpfulness, kindness and positive attitude. Braiden recently took some time out of his school day to sit down with Keystone employee, Amy Hall to talk about what it means to be courageous.

Braiden believes that courage is, “Being involved in the Special Olympics.” Braiden told Amy that the most courageous person they know is his friend, Michael. Some of the most courageous representations out there are super heroes and people of all ages can recognize the courage these iconic figures represent.

When we asked Braiden who was the most courageous super hero, he responded with Spiderman.

If it’s being courageous in the classroom or at home, all super heroes need fuel to keep them going. Braiden’s favorite thing to eat at school is pizza and salad, because it's like pizza at Hideaway in Stillwater.

Braiden encourages his classmates to be courageous by showing good behavior while traveling, playing games and going to dances with Special Olympics.