Kids With Kourage: Shayla Weins

Shayla Weins of Beggs Middle School has been named the Keystone ‘Kid with Kourage’ for the month of February. Launched by Stillwater-based Keystone Foodservice, the Kid with Kourage award recognizes one student in Oklahoma each month whose courage, bravery and kindness inspires others. 

Weins, a seventh grader, was nominated by six different Keystone and Beggs Middle School employees for showing outstanding compassion and kindness to staff and her classmates.

“She is one of those students that that just brightens your day! She comes to school each day with a smile on her face,” said Sheri Ledbetter, a seventh grade language arts teacher. “She is reliable, respectful and truly cares about others.”

“Not only is Shayla a great student in my class, she is an even better person,” said Megan Barnes, lifetime sports teacher at Beggs. “I can count on her to be that friendly face to make a rough day seem a little bit brighter. She never complains, but instead tackles every task with optimism that very few seventh grade girls have!”

Keystone employee Christina Strutton, had a chance to sit down and talk with Weins. Weins told Strutton that courage is being brave, and that the most courageous person she knows is her dad because he does a lot of things for a lot of people for no reason. 

Weins also chose Spiderman as her inspirational super hero because of how trusting he is of his web and because he jumps right off of buildings. And since super heroes like Spiderman and Weins need fuel to keep up their courage, it wasn’t shocking to learn that her favorite Keystone meals are the hamburgers and pizza prepared by the Keystone staff.